High-tech – The Foundation for Our Data Management

technet-rail relies on the high-technology technique, 3-D laser scanning for the acquisition and processing of terrestrial basic data. The result of this method: extremely fast, precise and consistent recordings of the surroundings. Furthermore, the data obtained using this method are diverse and widely usable.

Innovative Measurement with Satellites

technet-rail is one of the first data integrators that uses a new type of kinematic measurement system. This process is a combination of 3-D laser scanners with real-time navigation and the use of satellite systems such as GPS and GLONASS.

This innovative measurement system has been successfully used by technet-rail in projects for customers in Germany, Russia and Holland. It improves the monitoring and control of rail and road conditions as well as volume calculations and deformation analyses.

technet-rail – Partnering with Leaders

technet-rail cooperates with all leading manufacturers of 3-D laser scanners, including Riegl, Topcon, Leica, Zoller & Froehlich and Faro. Therefore we have the direct conversion codes for all binary manufacturer formats.

This enables the smooth import and further processing of nearly any scan materials provided.